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Adult Classes

Complete beginners or martial artists from any style and any level are welcome. Those interested should contact Mr Cortés and arrange to meet to discuss their training intentions. Normally interested persons are encouraged to watch a number of classes before trying out the training for themselves.

Membership is available to those persons who are accepted as students after an initial trial period.

The MJER curriculum we teach and study is set by Hanshi Carl E Long, 22nd SoShihan of Seito Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho.

Classes are usually one and a half hours long. Please be ready to start class five minutes before time.

Youth Programme

Youth classes have been very successful, popular and fun! Class availability very much depends on the demand for youth classes. There are minimum age requirements, as well as minimum numbers of students required for the running of classes. Parents will also need to be actively involved in their child’s training.

As a qualified teacher (working in the Gibraltar Government School System) Mr Cortés is kept up to date with the latest Safeguarding policies and training required for teachers of children on the Rock.

Please contact Mr Cortés for more details.

International events

Members are welcome to apply and attend the international events available within the KNBK. There are numerous opportunities during the year (or biannually) to attend training and competitions in different venues in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Members are also welcome to arrange to visit Hombu and meet the KNBK family.

Please note, some events are only open to Yudansha (dan grades). Conditions and terms apply. Always check with Mr Cortés for details.