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Would you please check with Mr Cortés (personally) if in doubt about the equipment needed?



Beginners should wear comfortable clothes (loose-fitting), such as a karate-gi or jogging suit. For those with a martial arts background: you are welcome to train in your gi and wear your obi (belt). If you have trained in Iaido, Kenjutsu or Kendo before, please feel free to bring your hakkama, keikogi, tabi, etc.


Black Hakkama
White Keikogi, short narrow sleeves (with KNBK patch over right breast side)
White tabi
Kakuobi (any colour)



We can lend you a bokken (wooden sword) for your first class.
Metal swords are not allowed for beginners.


A Bokken with plastic Saya (and sageo) is recommended for members who are starting. However, the ones with a bo-hi (groove) may not be strong enough for paired drills. Therefore, it is essential to have a bokken that can be used in Kumitachi.

Please note that bokkens will eventually splinter and break. Please be aware of the state of your bokken and replace it before it becomes unsafe. You will be taught how to maintain your bokken in class.

An Iaito (blunt sword replica) is essential for Iaido training. Members wishing to progress in the art will need to transition from a bokken to an iaito eventually. Mr Cortés will be able to advise you when the time comes for this step.

Shinken (sharp/real swords) are not permitted in class or at the Dojo. Shinken are only used by high ranking members and only for test cutting at prearranged times and locations arranged beforehand by Mr Cortés.


Walk-ins are welcome to watch a class, but due to Dojo rules will not be allowed to train there and then. Those wishing to take instruction will need to contact Mr Cortés beforehand to make arrangements.

Visiting Iaidoka from other Dojo and organisations are welcome to email Mr Cortés before attending his class. Please note that you need to clear your iaito with Mr Cortés before using it in class/at the Dojo. Shinken will not be permitted in the Dojo.

Budo Shops used by Iaido Gibraltar

Please note: Iaido Gibraltar is not endorsed/sponsored by anyone (it would be nice though!) We only recommend what we have tried and like.

Seido is a trusted and top quality Japanese martial arts shop. Mr Cortés’ Minosaka Iaito was purchased from Seido.

Nine Circles is a good UK martial arts shop/provider. Mr Cortés uses them on a regular basis for many quality items.